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The Founders of the League believed this to be possible because the Church of England was committed to the whole Catholic faith and, therefore, to the Roman Primacy. This is because the historic appeal of the Church of England is to Scripture and Tradition as interpreted by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church and defined in General Councils. There is also evidence to show that the acceptance of the conciliar decisions depended in large measure on the approval of the Roman See.

Yet the Founders of the League also believed that the Apostolic See needed the Church of England both for its tradition of worship, spirituality and scholarship and as a means of evangelization of England. These convictions are expressed in the objects of the League :

           â—         The promotion of fellowship among Catholics.

           â—         The Union of all Christians with the

                                    Apostolic See of Rome.

           â—         The spread of the Catholic faith.

           â—         The deepening of the spiritual life.

The Catholic League is a registered charity, governed by an elected Priest Director, Secretary General and a Council of members which includes both Anglicans and Roman Catholics.

The Catholic League

Under the patronage of Our Lady, Mother of the Church

The Catholic League was founded at Corringham in Essex on the feast of the Visitation of Our Lady in 1913 to maintain Catholic truth in the Church of England, and also to work for the re-union of all Christians with the Apostolic See of Rome.

Corringham Parish Church