When Pope Paul VI adjourned the Second Vatican Council in 1964 he proclaimed Our Lady Mother of the Church. It is most appropriate that the League should place itself under the patronage of Our Lady with this particular title since more than any other it provides an interpretation of Mary's place in the divine plan on which all Christians can agree. It is, therefore, the most ecumenical title that could be given to Our Lady and, furthermore, it sees in Mary the prototype of the Church. So what we see in Mary we ought to see in the Church.

Pope Paul VI in his exhortation To Honour Mary puts it thus:

"The Catholic Church, endowed with centuries of experience, recognises in devotion to the Blessed Virgin a powerful aid for man as he strives for fulfilment. Mary, the New Woman, stands at the side of Christ, the New Man, within whose mystery, the mystery of man alone finds true light; she is given to us as a pledge and guarantee that God's Plan in Christ for the salvation of the whole man has already achieved realisation in a creature: in her. Contemplated in the episodes of the Gospels and in the reality which she already possesses in the City of God, the Blessed Virgin Mary offers a calm vision and a reassuring word to modern man."

"She shows forth the victory of hope over anguish, of fellowship over solitude, of peace over anxiety, of joy and beauty over boredom and disgust, of eternal visions over earthly ones, of life over death."


The League's objects are symbolised by the badge. This is a key and a crosier crossed in a square. the square signifies the unity of the Church and is also a reminder of Christian perfection. The key stands for the authority of the church and the crosier for her pastoral concern in teaching and sacrament.

Our Lady

Mother of the Church

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